Ian Henderson


Several months ago, some sort of rare, yet semi-deadly and possibly incurable infection accosted his face, which swelled to astronomical size.  Kind of like a blowfish, ya know?  Hence his nickname: Hootie.  Put your mind at ease, the swelling is down and he no longer scares women, children, and men faint of heart.  It is possible that it has permanently impaired his mental faculties, however.  He is our resident Seahawk fan (we definitely do hold it against him).  He also has a sick obsession with minivans and station wagons, which we may never forgive him for.

When not working on cars or hanging out with his wife, Erin, he is a professional drummer whose passion is to become a great bassist (Youch!).  On his bucket list: he wants to ride his loud and obnoxious motorpickle all over the western United States.  Not sure if that includes Texas; one could only hope not. 

Curtis Davenport

"Super Curt"

We are still working on a nickname for this second timer.  Speaking of names, it is pretty amazing that Curt is named after a couch.  A racing couch for that matter.  On top of that, he lives in Silverton.  Small world, ain't it?  Curt is our transmission specialist, with nearly four decades in the industry.  Which is amazing considering that he is only 24 years old.  Perhaps we have the physical and mental ages confused.  

When not working on transmissions, he is our resident karaoke specialist.  Crooners throughout the Valley sing songs about his karaoke prowess, and they do it badly.  He also has a serious fishing habit.  Please note that we said "fishing", not "catching".  On his bucket list: he would like to sing karaoke at the Grand Ole Opry while rebuilding a transmission.  Now that is entertainment folks.

Pedro Meza


Pedro is in charge of our physical plant maintenance, our courtesy shuttle driver, and part-time interpreter.  He keeps everything running and looking great.  His history as a millwright makes this a snap.  His ability to cook Friday feasts is unsurpassed.  He is a hardcore Oregon Duck fan who also has a fishing problem.  His obsession with IPAs befuddles us.  He recently purchased his first Chevy Truck (everybody needs a first Chevy), so he is finally discovering the joys of automotive repair.  He would probably rather use an old Chevy junker to rebuild a waste oil furnace.​

Tony Martin


Tony has over 40 years experience specializing in drivability, auto electric, brakes, and alignment.  he has been ASE Certified for over 30 years.  His promotion for Technician to Esitmator/Parts Locator of the Universe was a smooth transition, although not without a glitch or two.  He has been observed destroying his adding machine with a single Karate chop.  Could the fax machine be next?

Tony is a Martial Arts instructor of some renown, and likes gardening, the San Francisco 49ers (passionately), and the love of his life, Peggy.

Jeremy Temby

"H2O Buffalo"

Jeremy - the avid drinker of water - is a second generation tech with over 20 years of experience, mainly in Fords.  How can anybody spend 20 years working on Fords?  Oh wait, we worked on one of those for over 21 years, our apologies.  Jeremy hails from The Dalles, the beautiful and fabled land of.....well....we are drawing a blank here.  The Dalles touts itself as one of the only cities in Oregon whose name is preceded by a preposition.  After furious Googling, that is all we were about to find out about the area.

When not working on cars, or paying attention to the voices only he hears, he enjoys gardening, fishing, hiking, camping, and creating ice sculptures.  There are three kids walking the planet that bear genetic resemblance to Jeremy.  It is possible that they hear voices also.  On his bucket list: he would like to travel throughout western Europe.



Kevin Marugg

"According to Carp"

The self-anointed Salmon Slayer.  Everyone knows that you cannot provide your own nickname, it is just not done.  He is temporarily known as According to Carp.  New guy names get changed with any wisp of the wind.  He will remain the new guy until another person gets hired, and that could be years.

Kevin has been married to his wife Rose for 32+ short years, has two grown boys both of whom are at least knee deep into there 20s, and is the doting fur daddy to his prize dog, Roscoe Peco.  His passions (outside of Rose, of course) are salmon fishing, fishing for salmon, and extreme salmon fishing (in no particular order).  In fact, it is likely that he is salmon fishing as these words are being written.  Make sure to only keep your limit, Kevin.  Somewhere in there gardening fits in, due to his degree in Horticulture.  On his bucket list: driving route 66 from beginning to end.  Somehow related to his passion for fishing, his collection of Zebco fishing rods is known near and far.  Get your tickets here to view them, or check with your local Groupon.

Glen Jones


He has been in the auto repair business for 40+ years.  His focus is coordinating the daily work flow and quality control.

Glen and his wife Linda are involved with the Sunrise Rotary and participate in a Birthday and Special Holiday Gift Program for local nursing homes.  Glen enjoys riding his motorcycle, woodworking, hunting, RVing, and is a member of the Four Corners pistol shooting team.  He is the coordinator of the Adopt a Street program for the Sunrise Rotary and AJ's.



Matt Kintz

"Kid Genius"

Big dude, Matt is our resident Duck and computer and software guru.  He has taken our website and turned it into an award winning thing of beauty.  He is also in charge of accounts receivable.  This is a dude you DO NOT want to upset, so pay your bill if you owe us money.

When not fixing paper jams or busting kneecaps, Matt enjoys farming, being a part-time lumberjack, and just generally doing manly things that you wouldn't expect a computer nerd to do.  He also likes to build custom, closed-loop, water cooled computers with tubes and other stuff we know nothing about.  At least, he SAYS they are computers.  We think they are alien technology.

Bob Anderson

"The Honcho"

Bob's ability to hire top-notch personnel has freed him from the everyday comings and goings of the business so that he can concentrate on marketing, political aspects, and environmental issues as they pertain to our industry.  He is a former President of the Northwest Auto Trade Association (NATA).  He is also working with both Salem and Portland D.E.Q. on a program designed to minimize the impact our industry has on our environment.  Please call him for an appointment to tour our facility and see our "Closed Loop Recycling Program".

Besides work, Bob spending time on the water with his lovely wife Cheryl, stomping grapes in their small vineyard, their horses and donkeys, and riding his Harley.

Rick Williams

"The Wrench"

On top of being one of our diesel techs, this dude likes to blow stuff up.  His active duty time in the National Guard as a demolitions expert has taught him how to perfect his skills at blowing things up/how to make little pieces out of big ones.  When not blowing things up or learning how to, this father of two is obsessed with Dodge trucks (very misguided soul) and has a passion for horses.  He loves Dodge trucks so much that he carries extra parts in his Dodge for those guaranteed failures.  A pink Ford Escort seems to be his transportation method of choice (speaking of damaged goods!).

Rick is currently a part of a government study on how much Rockstar energy drink a semi-normal person can ingest throughout the course of a day and still stay semi-normal.  That is your tax dollars at work folks.

Scott Waterbury

"Wrench God"

Scott has over 45 years of experience in this industry.  He is ASE Certified in brakes, tune-ups, drivability issues, and air conditioning.  Scott is one of our motorhome specialists and is known near and far as "Wrench God".

In his off time, Scott likes to golf.  He and his wife, Sheri, enjoy going to NASCAR races around the country.  Their goal is to attend NASCAR races at every track in the United States.

Tom Wallsinger

"The Singer"

If it goes down the road, Tom makes it go straight down the road.  Tom specializes in front end and suspension work.  He does all sorts of general repair and is our old car specialist.  Tom has been in the industry for over 45 years and is just plain good at what he does.

When Tom is not at work, he likes cooking, camping, fishing, hunting, and riding his big ol' bike.

Pete VanHaverbeke

"El Voce"

Pete has been in the repair industry for over 35 years.  He manages our day-to-day office procedures.  He does quotes, locates parts, answers a bazillion phone calls per day, and makes it all work smoothly.

Pete is married to his "absolutely wonderful" wife of 30+ years, Dana, who manages him.  They have two great kids - Kali', a graduate of the University of Oregon, and Ian, a really nice and smart guy looking for something.  Pete's Hobbies are reading, woodworking, music, Oregon Duck football, the Portland Trailblazers, and dancing with Dana.

"Helping to extend the life of your car"


1858 13th street se salem, or 97302

Steve Gambone


He's baaaaack.  Back from his sojourn into the world of farm machinery repairs.  His specialty is diesels, motorhomes, and rotary engines.  He has been in this industry since the beginning of time.  Seriously old dude.

Dan Elmore

"The Hybrid Man"

Dan is an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, as well as a Certified Hybrid Technician.  He holds an Associate of Automotive Science degree from Chemeketa Community College.  He has well over 30 years experience as an automotive technician.

Dan is happily married to Princess Robyn, and they have a wonderful son, Alex.  Robyn likes to joke about her husband's propensity to give "Dan Answers", a long-winded, precise, excruciatingly complete answer to your query.  Away from work, Dan enjoys listening to music (especially Classical), gardening, high-end audio equipment, and designing and constructing speaker systems.

Robert Rife

"Da Boss Man"

Robert is a well traveled young man.  Born in Kansas (no kidding), he has also lived in Albuquerque, Colorado, Wyoming, and points in between, before settling here in beautiful Salem, Oregon. He makes us flow and does it quite well, thanks for asking.

His hobbies are fishing, Oregon Duck football, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, in no particular order.  The man lives to sample as many beers as possible.  He is a by gawd actual beer judge.  Robert was recently married to the amazing Erica.

Alex Stansbury


Alex is one of our newest additions.  He spent his formative years studying and perfecting the art of playing video games, in particular, Xbox.  His automotive history started at Chemeketa Community College and continues here.  He is quickly learning what needs to be known in the industry.

When not working here, he keeps himself busy modifying his double fast, throw me down twice or mayhaps thrice, get there in a hurry Stealth car, complete with cloaking device.  He also enjoys spelunking and discovering new strains of bat guano.  On his bucket list: he wants to get his aforementioned go-fast-in-a-big-stinking-hurry Stealth over 200mph.  Where does a person do that, Lancaster Drive?

How it all started...

Bob Anderson began repairing automobiles and welding part-time for hire in a one car garage at 1492 Baxter Road S.E., Salem, Oregon.  He bought his auto parts from Mike Eastlund at a parts store that Mike managed a few blocks away.  It all started with a box of tools, a welder, and a vice mounted to a coffee table.

A few years later Bob's brother-in-law, Glen Jones, joined him when he moved from Idaho.  They rented a building and opened their first real repair facility.  This was a two bay shop, located just behind the current business.  They both worked on cars for several years with one or two helpers, until the business had grown to the point that they had to become full-time managers.

Today, there are four people in the front office, eight technicians, a service manager, maintenance person, and Bob and Glen.  Our current facility totals 18 bays, which includes a drive through motorhome lift and an in-ground dynamometer.   Please feel free to stop by with any automotive questions you may have.

Steve Maxwell


The Curly man.  With over 25 years in the auto repair industry, his versatility is extraordinary.  From Alfas to Yugos, he is the man for the job.  His ever present smile and polished noggin are perfect for gathering and reflecting ambient light where needed.

Steve likes hunting, camping, and long motorcycle rides with a lot of leather involved.  And if you drop something in the lake, Steve will scuba down and get it.  Curly's family consists of his lovely bride Laura, beautiful daughter Kiera, dutiful son Steven, and wiener dog Buddy Roo.



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